Spanish and English Programs
All levels of English and Spanish (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) are taught in small training groups. Assessing the needs, expectations, interests, and goals of participants is an integral part of the curriculum and is important in achieving the goal of creating a "learner-centered" environment. Using a variety of needs assessment tools, we are able to determine the instructional placement level of participants.

Needs assessment will be done routinely in order to ensure that goals are being met and to assist us in planning effective lessons that are relevant to their needs. We conduct a final program evaluation to determine outcomes and which serves as a guide for future training.

 ESL Program (English as a Second Language)

Who should enroll in ESL programs?

Adults (18 years old or older) whose primary language is not English who are seeking to develop communicative competency to be able to function in the workplace, home, and global community.


Participants are introduced to vocabulary, grammar structure, and pronunciation while developing speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading, and writing skills in each level.


 Corporate Program   ****Special Corporate discounts available. Contact us for pricing information.****

Languages for Specific Purposes:  

Workplace English / Workplace Spanish

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These training sessions are designed for corporate, government, and nonprofit clients to help their employees in various occupations to communicate effectively with employees, coworkers, and customers.

We provide learner-centered instructions using simulations of real workplace activities and exercises to promote the transfer of language skills and knowledge from the training room to the workplace.

Lessons and materials are developed out of a needs assessment done in cooperation with the client organization. Instruction is specifically tailored to meet the needs outlined in the assessment. Businesses can arrange to have on-site training.

 Business English Program

These training sessions are designed for those whose primary language is not English to help them improve in the following areas:

Appropriate Phrases for Business Meetings
Business Idioms/Expressions
Effective Presentations
Professional Business Letter Writing
Telephone Conversations